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DynaGraphics is your commercial printer of choice for digital and offset printing, mailing and marketing. For more than four decades, we've exceeded client expectations and turned visual communication ideas into realities.

Our clients’ success ultimately dictates our success, and that’s why our number one goal is to generate results for your business. DynaGraphics has the most state-of-the-art equipment, useful tools and competitive pricing. For quality printing services in Reno, from eye-catching postcards to advanced variable data mailings, there isn’t a better choice than DynaGraphics—see the difference for yourself.

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  • Promote Your Brand by Promoting Your Customers

    Everyone wants to be appreciated, especially customers. Why not try using simple print and email techniques to recognize your customers publicly? By doing so, you can reinforce their loyalty, promote your brand, and encourage them spread your message virally.

    There are lots of ways to recognize your customers. You can print a large-format display for your customer entrance area. You can profile them in your print and email newsletters. You can mention them in your social media marketing. While you are talking about what makes your customers great, you can weave in your corporate and product story, too.

    Recognize customers for things like . . .
    • Business successes (case studies)
    • Industry awards and accolades
    • Most creative use of your product
    • Longevity as a customer
    • Customer anniversaries

    Consider creating a video to include in your email newsletter. It doesn’t need to be a professional production. A simple customer testimonial or product demonstration recorded on a smartphone works fine.

    Don’t shy away from being edgy and humorous. Create a contest for the funniest ways to use your product. Some manufacturers of adventure gear, such as performance socks, are known for encouraging customers to share pictures of the craziest and most extreme places they’ve worn their socks. Encourage customers to send in pictures or videos that you can use to promote them, and by extension, your company. When you promote your customers, they will share out their notoriety with their friends, family, and colleagues, spreading your brand at the same time.

    Need ideas for saying “thank you” and promoting your customers? Give us a call.

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