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Consumers Like to Interact with Print

When we think about print media, we don’t always think about interactivity, particularly with mobile. But more and more consumers do. The high level of integration now between magazines and mobile, both in advertising content and editorial, tells the tale.

Magazines reflect the core of American culture, and interactivity between print and mobile is exploding. The Nellymoser Magazine Study, which has been conducted by Nellymoser since 2010, examines the top circulating magazines in the United States market. The study records instances in which a printed page is capable of being activated by a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

Highlights from the study:

• There has been a 246% activation increase in magazine titles using mobile in

• QR Codes represent 60% of all mobile triggers in advertising.

• Use of third-party and magazine-branded apps are on the rise.

While we think of print-to-mobile apps as focusing on QR Codes, the study looked at a wide variety of print-to-mobile technologies, including augmented reality (AR) and image recognition (IR). While QR Codes dominated the advertising space, more than 60% of total print-to-mobile scans actually took place with AR and IR technologies.

The study found the number one “activating” technology was image recognition, followed by QR Codes, digital watermarks, Microsoft Tag, SMS, and others. The variety of technologies used in magazines drives home just how common and varied print-to-mobile interaction has become. That expectation is rapidly moving over to print marketing, as well.

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